Welcome. This blog is my "Trophy Room". The place where I hang the heads of the "trolls" from my main blog, Exile From Hillary's Village.

Trolls are interesting creatures. They all differ in their level of insanity, but they all have certain characteristics that make them the same.

  • They never leave a link so that they can be debated.
  • They never get the point of your post.
  • They latch on to one word or phrase in your post, and attack you on points that are, at best, secondary to your point.
  • It's obvious that they've never heard any other point of view than what they are spouting.
  • They are, almost invariably, childishly vulgar.
  • If you're getting the best of them, they change the subject.
  • They eventually run away, never to be seen again.

  • Friday, November 18, 2005

    Trollus Occasionus

    The troll called Drew Edmondson is a subspecies that I have vaguely noticed before, but never really identified as a seperate type of troll.

    However, I first noticed this subspecies while at work. One of our Engineers would e-mail me some snarky comment, I would shoot him down with my reply, and he'd disappear into his dank hole for a month or so while he licked his wounds. He would then apparently talk himself into believing that he really didn't get hurt that badly, and start the process over again.

    While this type of troll has all of the traits of your normal troll (i.e. they leave no trail back to their lair, illogic, etc.), it is differentiated by a bad memory and an unusually developed ability to deceive itself.

    The Drew Edmondson troll has commented on my blog a few times in the past. He always disappears for awhile after getting hit by too much logic, but he returns eventually.

    He also exhibits another trait of some trolls that I've noticed: the "oh, and one more thing" trait. Some trolls can't put out all of their attacks at once and have to keep returning, leaving multiple comments one after another. It is a symptom of their muddled thinking.

    The Drew Edmondson troll, I have learned, isn't just your run-of-the mill blog-surfing troll. He is also a war-protester who gets arrested at military bases, which makes him a certified fanatical, extremist moonbat in addition to his trolldom.

    I'm sure that his Republican sister rolls her eyes every time that she speaks of him.

    On my blog today I linked to your post "Argue this!" I thought it was so good I wanted others to read it.
    Little Miss Chatterbox Homepage 11.14.05 - 12:31 pm #

    Thank you, Lady.
    The Exile Homepage 11.14.05 - 3:46 pm #

    (Notice the troll trait of latching onto one word in a lengthy post and obsessing about it -ed.)

    Missing in action? hmmm Bush/Katrina MIA? ..refering to French as "frogs"?Part of me envies your life. How I wish my 31 year marriage with kids who are doing well, my college degrees, being a disabled vet, an inner city grade school teacher would allow me to filter my view of life in the ignorance and bigotry the way your family life, higher education, war experience and exposure on a daily basis to cultures other than your own allows you to expouse crap like this.(please don't demean yourself by refering to me as a "moonbat" (unless of course you can provide your own definition of this word) I am not saying I am incapable of understanding the basis of your views. Given enough time and facts perhaps you can persuade me. I am open to facts that prove my beliefs wrong (yeah, right -ed.). The only question I have is this..Did the President of France make the final choice for United States troops to invade Iraq (Huh??? -ed.)? If you ever come to Denver I will allow you to be a guest speaker in my classroom. Perhaps my students could benefit from your views.(I am dead serious in this invitation) Of course expect them to ask you questions (somehow he thinks that I'd be intimidated by a bunch of brainwashed third-graders' questions? -ed.).
    Drew Edmondson 11.14.05 - 4:14 pm #

    Note: It is a third grade in a darker skin neighborhood. To my knowledge none are from France. However they do know what a "frog" looks like so when you refer to humans as frogs you will have to make a visual difference. May I suggest people standing in front of the Eiffel Tower as an example of humans as frogs. I will provide a laser pointer so you can highlight physical differences.
    Drew Edmondson 11.14.05 - 4:29 pm #

    ("Oh, and one more thing!" -ed.)
    Please let my students know there is a difference between you who refers to French as frogs and KKK who refer to blacks as monkeys.
    Drew Edmondson 11.14.05 - 5:16 pm #

    Drew, once again I can see why the public education system is in such bad shape. Do you need me to point out all of the mistakes in your above posts? And you're teaching children? Yikes.

    And it's also apparent that you suffer from LADD (see post below): you display most of the symptoms listed.

    I tell you what, Drew: since I'm mostly of German descent, you can feel free to call me a "kraut" or a "squarehead" or any other so-called "derogatory" name. It doesn't bother me. Do you know why? Because I'm not an insecure little child who cries when somebody calls me a name.

    In addition to that, I have a sense of humor. I laugh when people call me those names. Hell, I call myself those names on occasion.

    I doubt that I'll be getting to Colorado anytime soon, but if I do I'd be happy to stop by. I'm sure that these kids would benefit by hearing something in school other than left-wing drivel.

    And when I'm done giving them "the rest of the story", maybe I could give them a lesson in English composition. They're apparently getting none of that, either. With or without your college degrees.

    I assume that your snarky remarks about my family life and college degrees was supposed to be some kind of insult. Try again.

    My daughter still sees her mother very frequently and speaks to her every day.

    My 1st grade daughter is reading at at least a 5th grade level and her math isn't far behind. In fact my ex-wife and I are currently fighting through the public education red tape and inertia to have my daughter put in the advanced classes. She just started her advanced science class today.

    And, as far as college degrees go, I have more than six years of post-secondary education, including carpentry/cabinetmaking, electronics and computer programing. Sure, it's nothing "useful" like a liberal arts degree, but it helps in my career.

    Your typical liberal arrogance and condescension, not to mention outright bigotry, towards those whom you view as lesser than yourself is really hypocritical, don't you think?
    The Exile Homepage 11.14.05 - 8:30 pm #

    Hey Kraut,(um, me too btw...)Drew has a MASTERS DEGREE!!!! AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!!!!!!Drew: A "darker skin neighborhood?" Do you know how stupid that sounds? I wonder, do your students know you refer to them that way?Oh yes, don't forget, DREW HAS A MASTERS DEGREE!!!!!!!!!!
    echotig 11.14.05 - 10:40 pm #

    echotig 11.14.05 - 10:41 pm #

    Exile: Awesome response to the scary troll. Bravo!!
    Little Miss Chatterbox Homepage 11.14.05 - 10:53 pm #

    Did anyone happen to notice that Drew has a Masters?
    echotig Homepage 11.15.05 - 1:00 pm #

    I've heard that, Echo. I'm not sure where, though.

    I wonder if Drew's superiors know that he refers to his teaching position as "in a darker skin neighborhood". Maybe someone should call and ask. Shouldn't be too hard to find where he teaches in Denver.

    Based on his writing, we could also cite him for incompetence. Besides, I thought that we were all supposed to be color-blind with regard to race.

    And, Chatterbox, trolls are not scary. They remind me of something my uncle told me about moose hunting. He said, "It's about as challenging as shooting a cow." Shooting down trolls is no different.
    The Exile Homepage 11.15.05 - 7:02 pm #

    Master of what? Debating? (go ahead, put it together if you dare)
    bob Homepage 11.15.05 - 10:40 pm #

    Yes, Bob, I'm sure that Drew is a Master-debater without equal.
    The Exile Homepage 11.16.05 - 9:50 pm #


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