Welcome. This blog is my "Trophy Room". The place where I hang the heads of the "trolls" from my main blog, Exile From Hillary's Village.

Trolls are interesting creatures. They all differ in their level of insanity, but they all have certain characteristics that make them the same.

  • They never leave a link so that they can be debated.
  • They never get the point of your post.
  • They latch on to one word or phrase in your post, and attack you on points that are, at best, secondary to your point.
  • It's obvious that they've never heard any other point of view than what they are spouting.
  • They are, almost invariably, childishly vulgar.
  • If you're getting the best of them, they change the subject.
  • They eventually run away, never to be seen again.

  • Friday, November 25, 2005

    Trollus Toolateus

    This troll was short-lived, but he demonstrated one very important troll-trait: reading something into what your post said based on what he thinks a "right-winger" believes. In other words, he thinks that I was advocating nuking Mecca, because that's what all Righties want, right?

    He also has another trait of the Lefty troll: he leaves a comment almost two weeks after the fact. And, I'm sure, that because I didn't respond he thinks that he left me flat-footed with no answer. The fact is, I didn't even see that last comment until just now. I really don't have time to go back over all of my old comments, and I don't have them e-mailed to me.

    His response was in response to a post about what we're going to do when some Muslim nutcase sets off a nuke in one of our cities.

    Tancredo '08
    By Stacy, at Sunday, July 31, 2005 2:50:16 PM

    What an insightful site, your posts really show your intelligent reasoning and how passionate you are about the problems/issues as you view them in your country, it always impresses me how Americans are so vocal, and prepared to make their points whether it is in blogs or other mediums.

    I would like to see your comedic side in these posts too, clearly you have a fierce command of language, and it would be interesting to see what makes you laugh.

    By xsapph, at Sunday, July 31, 2005 3:46:03 PM

    How does this make Islam different from Protestant Christianity? There are little pockets of Christianity (they call then "churches", though) all over the globe, answerable only to themselves or at most to the leadership of a denomination that encompasses several widely scattered "pockets".

    So, most Christians are "anarchists", by your definition.

    So are Hindus, Jews, Buddhists and most other religious people.

    Even religions were they make a big deal about top-down organization with One Big Kahuna in charge, like the Catholics and the Mormons, have spawned schismatic sects (more "pockets") that reject the authority of the head of the church.

    In fact Mecca, and specifically the mysterious object called the Kaaba, is just about the only "center" Islam could be said to have. And you seem to think that taking that one thing away would somehow make Muslims easier to control?

    Oh, and while we're on the subject, what exactly are you anticipating as a response from Muslims to the destruction of Mecca? 1) Cowering in abject fear and never daring to respond? 2) Being inspired with an overflowing love for America? or 3) Something else, possibly similar to the way you would react if someone murdered your children?

    By john_m_burt, at Sunday, July 31, 2005 6:15:09 PM

    So, most Christians are "anarchists", by your definition.

    Actually, if you look at the numbers, most Christians world-wide answer to the Vatican. Of those that don't, most have some sort of similar structure.The Baptists are probably closest to the Muslim situation that Exile is describing.

    In fact Mecca, and specifically the mysterious object called the Kaaba, is just about the only "center" Islam could be said to have. And you seem to think that taking that one thing away would somehow make Muslims easier to control?

    What? I don't see anywhere in Exile's post where he suggests nuking either of these sites would make Muslinms easier to control. The fine senator from Colorado suggests it as a possible retalitory strike, though I personally think we would be better off going after countries who provide sanctuary for the scumbag terrorists, and if somewhere like Mecca happens to be collateral damage, then so be it.

    By stuffle, at Monday, August 01, 2005 9:36:22 AM

    Thanks, Stuffle for responding at least as well as I could have.

    And Stuffle was right: I didn’t recommend that we nuke Mecca. However, I certainly wouldn’t take it off the table as an option. Funny how you Lefties automatically jump to the conclusion that we here on the right are just itching to kill millions of people for no apparent reason other than “hate”. You have fallen prey to your own propagandist fairytales.

    If and, I believe, when they set off a nuke in this country they will have murdered our children first. So what should our response be to that? Why is it that you skip the first part and jump right to us killing their children?

    Also typical of the Left, you have no answer to the question that I asked, just criticism. That’s because you have even less of an idea than I do what we’d do about the possible situation because, for you, a military response isn’t even an option.

    The only way that I can see to stop the mass-murder of our people is to get these governments that harbor and help terrorists to control them. And the only way to do that may very well be to take out some of their cities. If Saudi Arabia lost Riyadh or Mecca, they may finally get serious about controlling the scum in their midst.

    If you have a better idea, let’s hear it. If not, piss off. I can get puling anywhere on the Left. If I want answers I ask the people on the Right, who are the only ones doing any actual thinking.

    By The Exile, at Tuesday, August 02, 2005 9:39:18 AM

    An idea? Here's one: pursue criminals, while trying not to deliberately antagonize an entire culture.That, of course, would involve not thinking in ethnic and religious stereotypes.

    By john_m_burt, at Monday, August 15, 2005 9:45:53 AM

    OK, better late than never, but here's an off-the-cuff response.

    I assume that when he speaks of "criminals", he's speaking about the terrorists. Well, 100,000 "criminals" equals one army. You don't fight an army with the police and the courts.

    Friday, November 18, 2005

    Trollus Occasionus

    The troll called Drew Edmondson is a subspecies that I have vaguely noticed before, but never really identified as a seperate type of troll.

    However, I first noticed this subspecies while at work. One of our Engineers would e-mail me some snarky comment, I would shoot him down with my reply, and he'd disappear into his dank hole for a month or so while he licked his wounds. He would then apparently talk himself into believing that he really didn't get hurt that badly, and start the process over again.

    While this type of troll has all of the traits of your normal troll (i.e. they leave no trail back to their lair, illogic, etc.), it is differentiated by a bad memory and an unusually developed ability to deceive itself.

    The Drew Edmondson troll has commented on my blog a few times in the past. He always disappears for awhile after getting hit by too much logic, but he returns eventually.

    He also exhibits another trait of some trolls that I've noticed: the "oh, and one more thing" trait. Some trolls can't put out all of their attacks at once and have to keep returning, leaving multiple comments one after another. It is a symptom of their muddled thinking.

    The Drew Edmondson troll, I have learned, isn't just your run-of-the mill blog-surfing troll. He is also a war-protester who gets arrested at military bases, which makes him a certified fanatical, extremist moonbat in addition to his trolldom.

    I'm sure that his Republican sister rolls her eyes every time that she speaks of him.

    On my blog today I linked to your post "Argue this!" I thought it was so good I wanted others to read it.
    Little Miss Chatterbox Homepage 11.14.05 - 12:31 pm #

    Thank you, Lady.
    The Exile Homepage 11.14.05 - 3:46 pm #

    (Notice the troll trait of latching onto one word in a lengthy post and obsessing about it -ed.)

    Missing in action? hmmm Bush/Katrina MIA? ..refering to French as "frogs"?Part of me envies your life. How I wish my 31 year marriage with kids who are doing well, my college degrees, being a disabled vet, an inner city grade school teacher would allow me to filter my view of life in the ignorance and bigotry the way your family life, higher education, war experience and exposure on a daily basis to cultures other than your own allows you to expouse crap like this.(please don't demean yourself by refering to me as a "moonbat" (unless of course you can provide your own definition of this word) I am not saying I am incapable of understanding the basis of your views. Given enough time and facts perhaps you can persuade me. I am open to facts that prove my beliefs wrong (yeah, right -ed.). The only question I have is this..Did the President of France make the final choice for United States troops to invade Iraq (Huh??? -ed.)? If you ever come to Denver I will allow you to be a guest speaker in my classroom. Perhaps my students could benefit from your views.(I am dead serious in this invitation) Of course expect them to ask you questions (somehow he thinks that I'd be intimidated by a bunch of brainwashed third-graders' questions? -ed.).
    Drew Edmondson 11.14.05 - 4:14 pm #

    Note: It is a third grade in a darker skin neighborhood. To my knowledge none are from France. However they do know what a "frog" looks like so when you refer to humans as frogs you will have to make a visual difference. May I suggest people standing in front of the Eiffel Tower as an example of humans as frogs. I will provide a laser pointer so you can highlight physical differences.
    Drew Edmondson 11.14.05 - 4:29 pm #

    ("Oh, and one more thing!" -ed.)
    Please let my students know there is a difference between you who refers to French as frogs and KKK who refer to blacks as monkeys.
    Drew Edmondson 11.14.05 - 5:16 pm #

    Drew, once again I can see why the public education system is in such bad shape. Do you need me to point out all of the mistakes in your above posts? And you're teaching children? Yikes.

    And it's also apparent that you suffer from LADD (see post below): you display most of the symptoms listed.

    I tell you what, Drew: since I'm mostly of German descent, you can feel free to call me a "kraut" or a "squarehead" or any other so-called "derogatory" name. It doesn't bother me. Do you know why? Because I'm not an insecure little child who cries when somebody calls me a name.

    In addition to that, I have a sense of humor. I laugh when people call me those names. Hell, I call myself those names on occasion.

    I doubt that I'll be getting to Colorado anytime soon, but if I do I'd be happy to stop by. I'm sure that these kids would benefit by hearing something in school other than left-wing drivel.

    And when I'm done giving them "the rest of the story", maybe I could give them a lesson in English composition. They're apparently getting none of that, either. With or without your college degrees.

    I assume that your snarky remarks about my family life and college degrees was supposed to be some kind of insult. Try again.

    My daughter still sees her mother very frequently and speaks to her every day.

    My 1st grade daughter is reading at at least a 5th grade level and her math isn't far behind. In fact my ex-wife and I are currently fighting through the public education red tape and inertia to have my daughter put in the advanced classes. She just started her advanced science class today.

    And, as far as college degrees go, I have more than six years of post-secondary education, including carpentry/cabinetmaking, electronics and computer programing. Sure, it's nothing "useful" like a liberal arts degree, but it helps in my career.

    Your typical liberal arrogance and condescension, not to mention outright bigotry, towards those whom you view as lesser than yourself is really hypocritical, don't you think?
    The Exile Homepage 11.14.05 - 8:30 pm #

    Hey Kraut,(um, me too btw...)Drew has a MASTERS DEGREE!!!! AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT!!!!!!Drew: A "darker skin neighborhood?" Do you know how stupid that sounds? I wonder, do your students know you refer to them that way?Oh yes, don't forget, DREW HAS A MASTERS DEGREE!!!!!!!!!!
    echotig 11.14.05 - 10:40 pm #

    echotig 11.14.05 - 10:41 pm #

    Exile: Awesome response to the scary troll. Bravo!!
    Little Miss Chatterbox Homepage 11.14.05 - 10:53 pm #

    Did anyone happen to notice that Drew has a Masters?
    echotig Homepage 11.15.05 - 1:00 pm #

    I've heard that, Echo. I'm not sure where, though.

    I wonder if Drew's superiors know that he refers to his teaching position as "in a darker skin neighborhood". Maybe someone should call and ask. Shouldn't be too hard to find where he teaches in Denver.

    Based on his writing, we could also cite him for incompetence. Besides, I thought that we were all supposed to be color-blind with regard to race.

    And, Chatterbox, trolls are not scary. They remind me of something my uncle told me about moose hunting. He said, "It's about as challenging as shooting a cow." Shooting down trolls is no different.
    The Exile Homepage 11.15.05 - 7:02 pm #

    Master of what? Debating? (go ahead, put it together if you dare)
    bob Homepage 11.15.05 - 10:40 pm #

    Yes, Bob, I'm sure that Drew is a Master-debater without equal.
    The Exile Homepage 11.16.05 - 9:50 pm #

    Saturday, October 08, 2005

    Harold, the Perfect Lefty

    Harold was almost the perfect Left-wing Moonbat. He demonstrates all of the characteristics above.

    This was in response to my post about a bunch of black legislators in Tennesee who wouldn't allow a white legislator to join their caucus.

    ...these "leaders of the community" have the same attitude as the lowliest gang-banger

    If the Republican caucus does not allow Democrats into the caucus (or vice versa), does that mean they are discriminating? Does that mean that they have the same attitude as "the lowliest gang banger"? "lowiest gang banger"

    -- what a 3rd rate sense of decency you have. It is clear you are a racist piece of shit.

    Harold 10.04.05 - 10:17 pm #

    Well,well,well...lookie there..1st comment and the fool moonbat can't even see HIS own hypocracy.Lookie here,boy,racism is racism if you disallow ANYTHING because of color or heritage.What a maroon(as old Leghorn Foghorn would say)Or is it just Jessie using a pseudonym?? BTW..that means street name for you Haaarrold.

    Justthinkin Homepage 10.04.05 - 11:14 pm #

    BTW exile..you should patent that moonbat bait you use.Should be worth a fortune..lol

    Justthinkin Homepage 10.04.05 - 11:15 pm #

    I'm sorry, I loved it. Of course this is what I've been posting too. These 'Harolds' crack me up. He needs a giant red 'H' on his shirt and it doesn't stand for his name.

    Stacy Homepage 10.04.05 - 11:19 pm #

    Harold, my little troll, party affiliation has nothing to do with race, does it? You can choose your party (badly in your case) but you can't choose your skin color.

    This is so simple, but any time a Conservative even mentions race, no matter what the context, he is called "a racist piece of shit".

    Congratulations, moron, you've just proved the point that I made in my post below this one (What's Your Point?): it doesn't matter what a Conservative says, if I mention anything having to do with race, I am called a "racist".

    So, Harold, I take it that you have some kind of sympathy for these gang-bangers who are killing children, whether by shooting them or selling them drugs?

    If anyone's a racist, it's people like you, who give these scumbags the justification to keep doing what they're doing, thereby keeping their communities addicted and in fear.

    You are so typical of the Left. You could have just called me a "racist", but, like the child you are, you have to add the vulgarity "piece of shit".

    Adults can insult people without resorting to vulgarity. Allow me to demonstrate: You, Harold, have an emotional capacity that my six-year-old daughter went beyond a couple of years ago. You are nothing more than another whiny liberal who lives in their insulated, childish world of feelings and emotions, instead of facing the real world with logic.

    Can you give me any justification for keeping white people out of a group based on their skin color?

    You will read this, but after that last question, I'll guarantee that I'll never hear from you again.

    Logic to a liberal is like garlic to a vampire.

    The Exile Homepage 10.04.05 - 11:19 pm #

    You are saying a group that is black has no right to keep someone out of their caucus, but a group that is not black does. That is racism.

    Harold 10.04.05 - 11:24 pm #

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”-Martin Luther King, Jr.8/28/63

    I doubt Mr. King's dream included segregation or exclusion of any kind...

    Cathy Homepage 10.05.05 - 7:08 am #

    Uh, Harold... please explain, son.

    I'm perfectly willing to believe you're somehow outsmarting me to the point where I can't see what you're trying to say... but I somehow doubt it.

    Badda-Blogger Homepage 10.05.05 - 11:52 am #

    If it is not okay for the black caucus to restrict its membership, why is it okay for other causcuses to do so? You are fooling no one. This is an out-and-out attempt by racists to undermine the black caucus.

    Harold 10.05.05 - 12:10 pm #

    That sound is the sound of this post going over Harold's head.

    It's simple, whites could not have a 'white caucus' without it being considered a racist act. Yet blacks can, THAT is what's racist. Americans need to be judged on what's inside, not outside. They are segregating themselves.

    Stacy Homepage 10.05.05 - 3:08 pm #

    You are saying a group that is black has no right to keep someone out of their caucus, but a group that is not black does.

    Gee, Harold, your reading comprehension sucks.

    He is saying that they ought to start a white caucus so when the members of the black caucus cry "racism" about it, their hypocricy can be shown for what it is.

    Ken Homepage 10.05.05 - 3:32 pm #

    When Exile calls members of the black caucus to be like "the lowliest gang-banger", then it is clear who the hypocrite is, and who the racist is.

    And by the way, there already is an all-white caucus -- it is simply called the Repulbican party.

    Harold 10.05.05 - 5:24 pm #

    Exile, I have to check in daily just to remember why...I...gave...up...politics.

    Maybe Harold believes the tripe he's spewing, perhaps he's attempting parody. The fact that we have to wonder is sad in and of itself, because that proves Harold's point of view is not unique.

    I applaud Stacy and Exile for standing up for themselves. I'm so f**king sick of hearing cries of racism I could puke. I don't care about race, I care whether or not you're a dumbass. I don't care if you're a black or white single mother, a black or white parasite, a black or white person screaming "victimization" rather than get a goddamned job.

    I am so tired physically because I'm working my way through school at age 38. I'm on a hair trigger because I'm so tired of being labeled "privileged" because I'm a middle-aged white male.

    Harold, white men do not receive a gift certificate at birth entitling them to the world's riches. We work our asses off, and some of us fail. Successful black people work their asses off too, but the moment they succeed they become Uncle Tom's overnight. Condie Rice isn't black. Neither is Clarence Thomas. Or J.C. Watts. No, they're "tokens" allowed into the fold as long as they do as the massuh orders them.

    50-cent though, he's black. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakahn are black. Why? Because they sit atop piles of money and tell "their people" why they can never succeed.

    Admin Worm Homepage 10.05.05 - 5:45 pm #

    Let's clarify Exile's statement:That's really sad, because these "leaders of the community" have the same attitude as the lowliest gang-banger. They both use the same excuse to justify their wrongdoing.

    He says same attitude; they are attitudes that exude racism and victimization. That is the similarity that Exile spoke of. These people have ZERO desire to be treated equally in society. If they wanted to do that, then they would not seek to seperate themselves from the rest of us.

    Go take a look at this. It is a perfect example of the attitude they are conveying.

    Stacy Homepage 10.05.05 - 6:01 pm #

    Face it, Harold has no reading comprehension skills. Give his comment an F and hand it back to him for corrections. I doubt he even read the whole post. Better luck next time H.

    echotig 10.05.05 - 7:03 pm #

    (Editors note: notice that harold automatically assumes that Stacy is a guy. Any normal person would see the name Stacy and assume the person is female. Why does Harold do this? Simple: he's a Lefty and he's been told that there are no Conservative women!)

    The ones with attitudes of victimization and racism are those on this blog. Adminworm is a victim, at least what what he says. Stacy is a racist -- he says black people have ZERO desire to be treated equally. And Exile, well, this is what he says:So, Harold, I take it that you have some kind of sympathy for these gang-bangers who are killing children, whether by shooting them or selling them drugs?

    To Exile, the lead racist, standing up for the independence of the black caucus is tantamount to having sympathy for gang-bangers, murderers, and rapists.

    A pathetic racist piece of shit.

    Harold 10.05.05 - 8:38 pm #

    I've had insane trolls and I've had your run-of-the mill trolls, but Harold could be studied as the template for Lefties.

    He never gets the point that anyone is trying to make.When he has no response, he changes the subject.

    He never answers a direct question.

    Like any child, he can't resist vulgarity when attacking someone."

    Racist" is his worst attack and he uses it, well...liberally.

    His "points" make no sense whatsoever. Apples and oranges can be added together in his universe.

    He twists what you say to make it fit his view of things, reading things into what you say and not believing what you actually do say.

    And he latches on to one phrase ("lowliest gang-banger") and becomes obsessed with it.

    Out of everything that I've said, why does that phrase drive him to rage? I really don't get that. Does he not believe that gang members are the lowliest members of society? I'm sure that he'd sneer like a ten-year-old girl that, "No, Republicans are", and think that it was clever.

    I almost have to agree with Admin: could this just be a "put on"? This guy is just such a perfect Lefty it's almost hard to believe it's real. He's the one who makes the Kool-aid. He's not only swallowed every bit of their propaganda, he's memorized it.

    It's definitely time to create the trophy room.

    The Exile Homepage 10.05.05 - 11:12 pm #

    Well, you could ban his worthless ass; but Tom and I wouldn't have as much fun. Harold, I'm not a he, I'm a she. I dare you to call me a racist to my face. You are so far off base you couldn't be seen with the Hubble telescope. You need to read the little comment I left for you in the post below. You don't even know the difference between Bill Richardson and Bill Bennett; and yet you want to be taken seriously. Good Lord, I haven't laughed this much in a long time.

    Stacy Homepage 10.05.05 - 11:31 pm #

    Harold, dig this: Nowhere did I read that Exile said that any -- repeat, any -- caucus that excludes merely on skin color was justifiable. That goes, for your information, for whites and blacks.

    Because you so willfully chose to read something that wasn't there, the rest of your foul-mouthed tirade loses any credibility.

    bob Homepage 10.05.05 - 11:52 pm #

    Harold, I never said I was a "victim." If I claimed to be a victim, I wouldn't do ANYTHING. I'd be a bum and sit on my ass and blame everyone else for my lack of progress.

    I'm not putting myself on the cross for working and going to school. I'm not special because of my endeavors, because in my world, everyone should work their ass off to achieve whatever they can, be it Bill Gates or the manager of a fast food restaurant.

    Admin Worm Homepage 10.06.05 - 1:06 pm #

    Well, Exile, if you create a trophy room for your trolls, don't forget Judy Edmondson. Harold may be kinda thick, totally lacks the ability to comprehend what he reads, and sounds a lot like the Autorantic Virtual Moonbat, but he is nothing compared to that nut-job Judy you had commenting here back in August...

    Ken Homepage 10.06.05 - 4:59 pm #

    A link for Harold:http://www.foxnews.com/story/

    Admin Worm Homepage 10.06.05 - 5:25 pm #

    Sorry, Stacy already posted that link. Bears repeating, however...since Harry hasn't replied yet.

    Admin Worm Homepage 10.06.05 - 5:26 pm #

    gee Stacy, no wonder you have gender identity issues. Trolls keep getting you all wrong! Its not like your picture isn't SMAck on top of your Blog!

    echotig 10.06.05 - 7:03 pm #

    Sorry to Stacy for confusing her gender. Why are conservative women always so dam attractive? That's all I have to say. I have already given you all plenty of fun. Hope everyone enjoyed it. Adios. On to the next conservative blog and rain on their idiotic parade, for fun.

    Harold 10.06.05 - 7:23 pm #

    Wouldn't you have to make an inarguable, valid point to actually rain on somebody's parade?

    Showing what a fool you are by failing to grasp a simple point certainly isn't raining on my parade.

    Cheers. You can come back and see your head on my trophy room wall soon.

    The Exile Homepage 10.06.05 - 9:46 pm #